Ways to Reinstall Norton Antivirus on Windows or Mac PC Jan 31st, 2020   [viewed 299 times]

Reinstall Norton antivirus is a good idea to keep secure your system and everybody needs to keep clean or virus free their operating machine from any kind of corrupted layers or viruses because if the malicious viruses enter on system so your system will be stopped or maybe made corrupt or can have made big issue, therefore, we said everyone needs to install or reinstall Norton antivirus on the operating machine nowadays.

If your device has installed Norton antivirus already but that is gone outdated totally and you may be thinking about reinstalling Norton antivirus again but still you don’t have knowledge of how it is possible so don’t take stress too much because now the solution is available here.

Steps to uninstall the outdated version of Norton antivirus

Step- 1: Download Norton removal tool

  1. Go to the Norton manufacturer’s website.
  2. Press on the button of download now, and choose the save file option of your Windows file.
  3. Go to the desktop Window and start the .exe file program for use the Norton removal tool. The process will be launched immediately while the following download.
  4. Press on the move to the next button and take guidance whichever be showing on your system screen indicates to delete all Norton components from your operating machine.
  5. Press on the complete process button if the Norton removal tool gives you instructions that all Norton files have been deleted completely.
  6. Restart your operating machine. All Norton components will be deleted from your device now.
  7. Click the R button on your desktop screen. Now, you will see a dialog box that is showing on your system screen.
  8. Write appwiz.cpl into the dialog box area, then click the enter button.
  9. Press on the Norton component whatever you want to delete, then press on delete.
  10. Press on continue if registered account control window shows on the system screen.
  11. Apply all signs which are showing to delete Norton from your device.
  12. Choose the option which is saying to restart the device.
  13. The process will be kept going on until all Norton components will not delete what you want.

Step- 2: Now, the turn of the press the run command button

These methods are for uninstall the Norton antivirus which is gone outdated already but now we are telling you the easy steps to reinstall Norton antivirus.

Step- 1 Please restarts your device

  1. Please come out of all the files on your desktop screen.
  2. Please turn on your device again, If the issue is made the same so you must be applying another way to reinstall Norton antivirus.

Step- 2 Upload NRnr tool

  1. Upload the NRnr tool and save it on desktop immediately.
  2. Please open that file, and press the key (control + J).
  3. 2 times press on the NRnr button.
  4. Search the license statement read carefully the services and then press on acceptance.
  5. Press on the delete button and start again to install the program.
  6. Press on the continue button or delete it.
  7. Now, press on restart.

Now, your latest version of Norton antivirus will be downloaded with new updates.