Windows7 Build 7601 This copy is not authentic Feb 20th, 2020   [viewed 346 times]

‘I tell you .. a neighbor asked me for my opinion on Windows 10 and was hesitant in accepting the proposal to drop his Windows 7 which worked very well and catapult himself on the new avant-garde system with a lot of Cortana at his service and mine and ‘response was not to leave the old way for the new one, especially for the fact of not having trouble … but however there was always the way out within the month of the new application with all the assumptions of loss of some file..the good neighbor then closing his eyes and ears downloaded Windows 10.

Bon … apart from some small flaws especially on Cortana’s services, on icons that disappeared from the tray bar and on programs that could not be adapted to the new system, this variation was acceptable

Happy and unhappy he continued bypassing the month, except that with each update (4 of which have passed, one of which was substantial) some inconveniences came out to the point that he was led to restoring his old Windows 7.

Here comes the drama … moving saints and animals he found himself to the annoying problem related to his Microsoft license and the sentence in question

BUILD 7601 This copy of windows is not authentic

appeared first on the big screen and then in small right at the bottom near the clock without any possibility of removal .. now the fact is normal if the copy was cracked but the unpleasant is when this news appeared on him that he had regularly purchased the wondering why he had been accused of such illegal behavior he asked for help and from here came the today’s post suitable for both him and those like him have dropped petioles to buy this Microsoft program.


Usually, this happens when you reinstall the operating system after formatting the hard drive. It is not known why, but evidently, Windows believes that it is not in the right place, that it has been « kidnapped », « counterfeited », and therefore reports it to the user.

Nice problem. But is there a solution?

Of course! We have more than one that can act and for now, I will discard the cracking posted at the bottom and indicate the various systems ..

You are ready? Are you hot? Come on …

Follow the steps given on the blog to fix windows 7 is not genuine.